Please take a moment to reflect on what northern Michigan means to you. Consider that right now, we have an opportunity to make a direct impact on what the future holds for this region.

Whether we own a home, cottage, business, or simply harbor a great love for this beautiful land, we each have an interest in the future of northern Michigan. Consider the Little Traverse Conservancy as a land protection insurance policy which helps safeguard not only the value of your personal investment, but also your overall enjoyment of the area. A healthy natural environment directly relates to a healthy economy and quality of life in northern Michigan.

We strive to accomplish this every day—with the help of our members—by conserving the land that supports our scenic lands, working landscape and natural resources. Won’t you join others in helping us create a living landscape which will look as beautiful in 50 years as it does today?

84% of every dollar raised goes directly toward our work conserving land and an efficient 16% is used for administrative and fundraising expenses.

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