Forest Management for Easement-Protected Land


The purpose of a conservation easement is to protect a myriad of conservation values, often including forest resources. Although there is nothing wrong with taking a “preservationist” approach and letting natural processes prevail in your forest, it is widely acknowledged that because forests are renewable resources they can be periodically logged and still provide many ecological and social functions and values (like wildlife habitat, beautiful scenery, watershed protection, clean air, healthy soils, and recreation). However, forests can also be badly managed to the detriment of all those things. There are many resources and professionals available for Michigan landowners. Read this letter from Michigan’s DNR Forest Stewardship Coordinator.

Some easements restrict cutting more than others. Please be familiar with the restrictions of your easement before undertaking any forest management on your easement property! Most easements require that you have a forest management plan approved by LTC before conducting management activities.


Forest Management Links

Cornell Forestry
Applicable publications and webinars, among other information.

Call Before You Cut
Advice about having a timber harvest on your property.

Find a Certified Forest Stewardship Plan Writer
This is a good place to look for finding someone to write the management plan required by your conservation easement.

Michigan Society of American Foresters

Michigan Tree Farm Program

Information on MI DNR

MSU forestry experts

Great Information!