Preserve Monitor Guide


VOLUNTEER PRESERVE MONITORS ARE vital to Little Traverse Conservancy’s stewardship program. With more than 160 preserves totaling more than 14,400 acres (as of Fall 2012), staff cannot get to all the preserves on a regular basis. Information from monitors helps us know where to focus our attention and how to prioritize our work. Preserve monitoring reports, once they are reviewed by stewardship staff, are kept as part of the preserve’s permanent file. The reports are essential for LTC to achieve and maintain national accredited status from the Land Trust Alliance.

LTC’s MANAGEMENT STYLE calls for minimal intervention on preserves. However, some preserve management activities include: maintenance of field or meadow habitats by mowing or haying; maintenance of scenic views; timber management (primarily harvesting or thinning of pine plantations); habitat restoration, especially for disturbed areas such as former building sites; erosion control projects; and invasive species monitoring and control.

Volunteer Questionnaire

Preserve Monitor Report Form



Volunteer orientation  visit the preserve with LTC staff to receive welcome packet.

Submit a monitoring report twice a year – visit the preserve bi-annually at a minimum, and report in spring and fall.

Perform basic maintenance tasks – on an as needed basis, such as cleaning up dumped garbage or litter, or removing fallen branches from the trails.

Note any violations on the preserve – descriptions of person(s) or vehicle, license plate numbers, date and time, and then notify the Conservancy as soon as possible. If it is a serious or emergency situation, please call 911, or the Report All Poaching hotline (800-292-7800), and then call us 231-347-0991

Permitted activities  hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, fishing, birdwatching, berry picking, mushroom hunting, photography, and other similar, low-impact activities. Dogs are permitted and, according to state law, must be on a leash. Hunting is permitted on some preserves where deemed appropriate. Individuals wanting to hunt on a particular preserve must obtain written permission from the Conservancy.

Prohibited activities – camping, removal of plants, dumping, fires, overnight use, snowmobiling, and off-road vehicle use.

Contact us anytime by phone or email if a preserve needs immediate attention or structural repair, or if violations of our rules or other urgent issues arise.


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