Preserve Monitors

Currently more than 145 individuals and families act as Preserve Monitors for a particular nature preserve owned by the Little Traverse Conservancy. Monitors visit their assigned preserve at least twice each year (spring and fall) and send us a report on the condition of signs, trails, structures, etc. Read more about these responsibilities in the most recent issue of the Volunteer Steward Newsletter.


Preserve Monitor Guide

Preserve Monitor Report Form

Volunteer Questionnaire


Preserve Monitors Needed:

Helle, Charlevoix County

Jordan River, Charlevoix County

Fergus, Cheboygan County

Giaque, Cheboygan County

Hanel, Cheboygan County

James V. Foster-Hartley Lake, Chippewa County

Vermilion, Chippewa County

Braun, Emmet County

Martha Cameron, Emmet County

CranmerEmmet County

Cross Village Cross & Shurtleff, Emmet County

Dobson, Emmet County

Ray Johnston, Emmet County

Laughbaum, Emmet County

Rosen, Emmet County

RyanEmmet County

Cedarville Bay, Mackinac County

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