Winter Ecology & Snowshoeing Programs

2015 Registration

December 1-19, 2014 & January 5-12, 2015 (break over the holidays)

Programs: January 13 – February 27, 2015 SIGN-UP INFO HERE

Winter Wonders (PreK)

You can never be too young to enjoy nature in winter. During this playful hike, students will be encouraged to discover their surroundings in search of all the winter wonders they can find. We will learn to make tracks, find food, and look for shelter just like the animals do! (45 minutes – no showshoes)

Winter Explorers (K-1)

Our snowshoes don’t fit smaller adventurers, but K-1 students can still enjoy a winter hike to stimulate their senses! As we actively explore nature, we will learn all about animals and their behaviors in winter. We’ll look at animal tracks and other interesting signs as we explore nature in winter. Please make sure students are prepared with sturdy winter footwear. (45 minutes – no showshoes)

Snowshoe Adventure (2-6)

A great way to experience snowshoeing and learn about nature in winter. This program focuses mainly on the sport of snowshoeing and getting students outside during the winter months. Some ecology will be introduced, but the main idea is to have them enjoy physical activity in our colder months. (1 hour)

Winter Tracks & Signs (3-5) 1 hour; (6th & up) 1.5 hours

Searching for tracks is one of the most exciting winter activities. Snow is an excellent surface for tracking an animal and learning about its behavior. This program introduces students to common tools and techniques for identifying signs of wildlife in winter. All students will learn how to identify tracks, track patterns and signs animals leave behind. Older students will be exposed to a wider variety of tracking tools, and encouraged to use them through cooperative learning.