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Conservation Easements


Protecting Easements on Private Properties

Sound conservation easement stewardship is achieved through careful planning, accurate baseline documentation of each easement property, annual monitoring, consistent documentation, and maintaining communication with the landowners whose property is protected with a conservation easement.

Stewardship Guide for Conservation Easement Landowners is a booklet describing the Conservancy’s stewardship program, information about property taxes and conservation easements, and includes resources for land management topics. This booklet is available for anyone considering a conservation easement for their property and for all Little Traverse Conservancy conservation easement landowners.

A Conservation Easement Stewardship newsletter is sent to all easement landowners annually. This newsletter provides basic information about easement stewardship and updates on monitoring activities, tax issues, and other topics. See below for back issues of this newsletter.
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Forest Management Guidelines for

Easement-Protected Lands

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