Stewarding Private Property

LTC Conservation Easement Stewardship

Please read our easement stewardship Philosophy.

Landowners can contact us with any questions. We are available to clarify anything regarding their easements and our interpretations, to set up a meeting, or discuss potential stewardship activities. We can’t always be the source of technical advice, but we can try and direct you to the appropriate natural resource professional.

On the Conservancy’s end, sound conservation easement stewardship is achieved through careful planning, annual monitoring, consistent documentation, and maintaining communication with the landowners whose property is protected with a conservation easement.

The Stewardship Guide for Conservation Easement Landowners is a booklet describing the Conservancy’s stewardship program in more detail with information about property taxes and conservation easements.

A Conservation Easement Stewardship newsletter is sent to all easement landowners annually. This newsletter provides basic information about easement stewardship and updates on monitoring activities, tax issues, and other topics. See right for back issues of this newsletter.


Conservation Easement Contact Person:

Derek Shiels
Conservation Easements and Preserve Stewardship
Direct Line: 231|344-1006

Private Landowner Stewardship

Many landowners desire to actively manage or restore their land. Sometimes protecting land against development with a conservation easement is just the first step to protecting the natural diversity and beauty of a property.

Explore this page if you would like more information about invasive plant species.

If you are interested in managing your forest (and your easement permits it) there are many sources of information and several professional foresters at your disposal. Check them out.