Trail Stewards

If you are interested in clearing trails of wind-blown trees, deadfall, and new growth, please fill out the volunteer questionnaire. It is our goal to have a volunteer trail steward assigned to maintain each of the formal trails on our nature preserves.

Trail Steward Guide

Volunteer Questionnaire

Trail Steward Report Form


Since 1972, the Little Traverse Conservancy has worked with landowners to establish over 176 nature preserves encompassing more than 14,790 acres (as of January 2014). The Conservancy has formal trail systems on many of its preserves which also have parking areas, trail maps, directional blazes or arrows, and the trails are consistently maintained by staff and volunteers. Conservancy trails vary in length and topography and meander through upland woods, meadows, and even wetlands where boardwalks protect sensitive habitat. In addition, a number of preserves have informal trails, which typically are old logging or agricultural roads. These trails are not regularly maintained, and are not marked with maps or other signs.

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