Request for proposals for grassland habitat improvement project
at the Jack and Tucker Harris Working Forest Reserve Little Traverse Conservancy

Harris Grassland Project Overview Little Traverse Conservancy (LTC) owns over 21,000 acres across five counties that are open to public for non-motorized use and operates with a mission to protect the beauty and diversity of Northern Michigan. In 2016, LTC purchased a 640 acre property along the Pigeon River that was established as the Jack and Tucker Harris Working Forest Reserve. LTC’s Working Forest Reserve (WFR) lands can be expected to be managed for forest health, timber, and wildlife habitat with active logging. In addition to restoring the degraded woodland habitats on the Harris WFR, there are old grazing fields that LTC is seeking to improve with native grass plantings. A MDNR wildlife habitat grant has been awarded to LTC to do this work.

The grassland complex is divided into 8 units (A-H, see attached maps); six of these units will be managed as part of this project, with the extent of the total restoration area totaling around 55 acres. Currently, scattered shrubs and exotic grasses dominate these grasslands with smaller components of non-native forbs and weedy native forbs. One of the fields near the former home site (unit B) is overrun with burdock (Arctium minus) and other aggressive exotic forbs. Step one to improving habitat quality is removing the exotic grasses and forbs using a combination of mechanical (i.e. brush hog and tilling) and chemical treatments (i.e. selective and non-selective herbicides). Step two, once the current vegetation is removed, will be planting native grass seeds. We expect step one to involve a few visits in 2019 and the planting to occur in the spring of 2020. We have determined a tentative plan for which grass species we would like planted in each unit (see attachments). Also, photos of the fields are attached. Here is a link to the LTC webpage for the Harris WFR.

Bid Details
Please separate costs into prep and planting and break down material costs in your bids (see example bid sheet in attachments). LTC has budgeted funding to cover herbicide and grass seed costs. Please include your estimate for these costs in your bid sheet, but do not include these in your total project cost estimate. Include in the bid a short description of your work plan for conducting this project (how to get a successful grassland planting). LTC will work with the winning bidder (lowest bidder subject to DNR approval) to schedule the work and prepare the work plan for best results. LTC staff can meet on site and show and discuss the job to any interested bidders, but the snow may make it difficult to inspect the site. Any questions can be submitted to Derek Shiels, via email or phone at 231-344-1006. Please email bids to or mail to Derek Shiels, Little Traverse Conservancy, 3264 Powell Rd., Harbor Springs, MI 49740.
Please have bids/quotes to LTC by Friday, February 15th, 2019.