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Please note: We are fully booked for 2022. Please check back later for 2023 and beyond.

The Offield Family Viewlands was created with the Conservancy’s mission at the forefront:

“To protect the natural diversity and beauty of northern Michigan by preserving significant land and scenic areas, and fostering appreciation and understanding of the environment.”

The Viewlands is already the Conservancy’s most visited property. All people can enjoy the scenic beauty and trails free of charge.

Unlike most LTC properties, there are some incredible facilities at the Viewlands. We are making them available for a fee in a very limited capacity. If you are a current member of the Conservancy and interested in trying to book an event, please review this webpage in its entirety and complete an application (linked below). If you are not currently an LTC member, you can easily become one right away for any amount.

Remember, our primary focus is protecting the land you love. This is not a for-profit event venue. If you have reviewed this page and have questions, please fill out the inquiry form at the bottom.

The Facilities

A large, semi-permanent tent is situated perfectly to enjoy the expansive view while maintaining a sense of privacy and intimacy. This creates a fantastic venue for outdoor summer weddings. The clubhouse provides the option for indoor dining, support facilities and restrooms, and space for wedding participants to prepare for their special day. 

The Reserve

Formerly known as the Little Traverse Bay Golf Club, this 280-acre property is located a few miles southeast of Nub’s Nob. The land is best known for the breathtaking views of Little Traverse Bay and the Inland Waterway. 

The land was acquired by Little Traverse Conservancy in 2020 and receives 200+ public visitors daily in the summer season. Over the next few years, LTC will return the property to a natural state by planting native grasses and trees. 

Amenities & Details

Below are the usage hours and a summary of the amenities included in a weekend booking. Full details are included in the Special Events Contract.  

Friday: Noon – 5pm, Setup and Rehearsal Time  
Saturday: 10am – 11pm
Sunday: 9am – 2pm. Breakdown and Cleanup

On The Map

Food and Beverage

Little Traverse Conservancy has partnered with some of northern Michigan’s best caterers to impress your guests and make your event a success. Reservations are generally required to book with one of our approved caterers. 


Little Traverse Conservancy’s primary goal in making the facilities available is to cover the maintenance and care costs associated with the buildings and surrounding grounds.  

Weekend Events (Tent and Amenities) $6,000

Rehearsal Dinner and/or Sunday Brunch available for an additional charge
Setup and Cleanup available for an additional charge
Clubhouse available for an additional charge

Weekday Events Starting at $2,000

LTC also receives a Venue Service Charge of 15% of the cost of the food and beverages provided. This charge is collected by the Caterer who will add this percentage to your contract. This arrangement allows Little Traverse Conservancy to provide the facilities at a lower price while ensuring the Conservancy still receives proportionate compensation for the total value of the event.


How to Book Your Private Event

Please note: We are fully booked for 2022. Please check back later for 2023 and beyond.

If you are interested in booking a weekend event at the Viewlands please complete the booking request below and review the following documents. 

A limited number of weekday event dates are also available; Monday through Thursday, May through October. For additional details complete the Weekday Event Request Form and we will contact you.

Questions or Comments

We are here to help. Contact us today!