The following are Conservancy nature preserves or working forest reserves in Charlevoix County that do not include formal parking areas or trails. As LTC preserves, they remain open to the public for appropriate and respectful use, keeping in mind the ecological protection of the land. Working forest reserves are open to hunting and other activities as allowed through the Commercial Forestry Act Program.

Carpenter Family 30 acres, 2018
Boyne Valley Township. Bargain sale from Greg Carpenter in honor of his parents.

Charlevoix County Working Forest Reserve Parcel 1  40 acres, Stolt Road

Charlevoix County Working Forest Reserve Parcel 2  138 acres, Behling Road

Charlevoix County Working Forest Reserve Parcel 3  40 acres, Townhall Road

Charlevoix Hospital/Boulder Park  1.3 acres, 2013
Charlevoix Township. Parcels were conveyed to LTC from the Charlevoix County Land Conservancy. Adjacent to the Charlevoix Hospital.

Conn’s Cove 20 acres, 2010
Peaine Township. 700 feet of Lake Michigan shoreline. Purchased with a grant from the J.A. Woollam Foundation.

Carl E. Erber .5 acre, 1993
Peaine Township. Gift from Tom Erber and New Ireland Shores Partnership. Located on Beaver Island with 450 feet of Lake Michigan shoreline.

Margaret P. Erber  1.5 acres, 2014
Peaine Township. Conveyed from Charlevoix County Land Conservancy. Found on east shore of Beaver Island.

Peter P. Faskey  28 acres, 2013
Boyne Valley Township. Conveyed from Charlevoix County Land Conservancy. Includes 500 feet of South Branch of Boyne River.

Gabos Family  17 acres, 2014
City of Boyne City. Donated by Michael Gabos.

Gatt Family  22.5 acres, 2012
Eveline Township. Purchased with funds provided by neighbors to the property. Lake Charlevoix watershed.

Haggerty 10 acres, 1990
Hayes Township. Donated by Daniel and Margaret Haggerty in memory of their ancestor, Jeremiah (1870-1888).

Elizabeth B. Hoffman Nature Preserve Management Unit 138 acres, 2017
Norwood Township with 1,364 feet U.S. 31 and 2,500 feet Inwood Creek.

  • Diane and Richard DeNardis Family Nature Preserve 63 acres, 2018

Joseph & Ingeborg Marchio 40 acres, 2014
South Arm Township. Bargain sale from Marchio Family and other donations made this preserve possible. 600 feet on unnamed creek. Wetland sections are described as a “fen” or peatland.

Franklin J. Helle Memorial  11 acres, 2008
Melrose Township. Adjoins state land along the Bear River that was protected as an
assist project with the State.

Kieren Memorial 2 acres, 1993+
Hayes Township. Partial donations by Mrs. Katie Kieren and Slosar family, this preserve includes Mallard Creek and Boyne City Road frontage.

George & Marion Light Management Unit 22 acres, 2017
Norwood Township. Donated by Marion Light. Part of her late husband George’s family land.

  • John & Barbara Hazelworth Nature Preserve 10 acres, 2018

Gow Litzenburger East/West    2017
East = 80 acres with 680 feet on Maxwell Road. 
West = 20 acres with 760 feet on Cobb Road.
Partially in Charlevoix County. Donated by Hank and Liesel Litzenburger Meijer

Loeb 1.5 acres, 1980
Hayes Township. Donated by Thomas and Kaye Loeb, this preserve lies along US-31 and includes 500 feet of Lake Michigan shore.

Bill and Mary Glenna Malpass 7.5 acres, 2018
South Arm Township. Donated by Fred and Barb Malpass in honor of their family. Includes 620 feet of frontage on the South Arm of Lake Charlevoix.

Sarah A. Martin Nature Preserve  100 acres, 2017
Peaine Township, Beaver Island. Donated by the W.J. Martin Estate. Two access strips off of Mrs. Reddings Trail and West Side Road. Walter’s Road meets the west boundary.

Marvin Memorial 132 acres, 1999/2005
Wilson Township. To honor Florence Marvin’s wish to keep the family farm undeveloped, her sister Ella donated the majority of this property. An addition was purchased in 2005. A rustic parking area and two-track trails are available.

Marx 2.9 acres, 1991
Bay Township. Donated by Ray and Jean Marx. Located in Zenith Heights subdivision near Walloon Lake.

Mulberry Farm 13 acres, 1990+
Hayes Township. Donated by Rik Lobenherz. Consists of two parcels with 240 feet of Susan Lake.

North Branch Boyne River Nature Preserve Management Unit 220 acres, 1992/1998
Boyne Valley Township. James North donated 20 acres with 620 feet on the north branch of the Boyne River. In 1998, Dr. W.A. and EvaBelle Deppa donated an adjacent 40-acre preserve as well as a 160-acre preserve across the road. An old railroad bed running east-west provides hiking opportunities.

  • Three Bears Mountain Nature Preserve 160 acres, 1998
  • Big Cedar Nature Preserve 20 acres, 1992

Olstrom Family 1 acre, 2010
South Arm Township. Donated by Olstrom family. Lies adjacent to the Charles M. Taylor Preserve along the south arm of Lake Charlevoix.

Oyster Bay 23 acres, 1982
Hayes Township. Donated by C.T. and Francis Martin. Located on Lake Charlevoix’s Oyster Bay.

Rufus Teesdale 10 acres, 2000
Bay Township. Located on Horton Creek along Boyne City-Charlevoix Road 5 miles west of Boyne City and just west of Horton Bay.

Scollin-Lee 2.7 acres, 1992
Boyne City Township. Donated by Jim and Catherine Scollin and Brendan and Mary Lee. Located between M-75 and the Boyne River.

Phila A. Shanahan  .5 acres, 2013
Charlevoix Township. Conveyed from Charlevoix County Land Conservancy. Located just west of the Charlevoix Community Pool.

Spehar Family 2 acres, 2012, 2016
City of Boyne City. First piece donated by Spehar family with a small addition purchased in 2016.

Susan Lake (Seibert)
.5 acres, 1991
Hayes Township. 250’ of frontage on Susan Lake. Designated wetland, DNR access site to the north.

Charles M. Taylor III Management Unit 16 acres, 2010
South Arm Township. 600 feet of frontage on the South Arm of Lake Charlevoix. Adjacent to Olstrom Family Preserve.

Undine 28.5 acres, 2004
Hayes Township. Gift from Mike and Rhea Dow. Located along Boyne City-Charlevoix Road.

Jack and Helen Verlinden 8 acres, 2008
Hayes Township. 555 feet on Susan Lake. A significant bargain sale from Susan Verlinden and named after her parents.

Weislik 4 acres, 1975
Norwood Township. Donated by Ron and Carol Weislik. Lies in the Clipperview Subdivision near Fisherman’s Island.

Wellman 5 acres, 2002
Boyne Valley Township. Donated by Wellman Properties. Located just outside Boyne Falls with 400 feet of frontage on Boyne River.

Winchester 4 acres, 1996
Marion Township. Purchased in part with a generous grant from Winchester Funeral Home in Charlevoix. Includes 1,200 feet of shoreline on West Twin Lake.

Peter Faskey Nature Preserve (Gary Osterbeck)
Joseph & Ingeborg Marchio Nature Preserve
Big Cedar Nature Preserve
Charles M. Taylor III & Olstrom Family Nature Preserve (Todd Parker)