The following are Conservancy nature preserves or working forest reserves in Cheboygan County that do not include formal parking areas or trails. As LTC preserves, they remain open to the public for appropriate and respectful use, keeping in mind the ecological protection of the land. Working forest reserves are open to hunting and other activities as allowed through the Commercial Forestry Act Program.

Bair Family 1 acre, 2017
Tuscarora Township. Includes 200 feet of frontage on Sturgeon River.

Bear Saw Creek 17 acres, 2002
Burt Township. Scenic property with frontage on Bear Saw Creek near Burt Lake.

Bessey Creek .5 acre, 1989
Munro Township. Two lots with 300 feet frontage on Douglas Lake, including the mouth of a creek.

Cain’s Creek Swamp 25 acres, 2007
Grant Township. Adjacent to State land. 2,300 feet of Black Lake frontage.

Duncan Bay  145 acres, 2014, 2017
City of Cheboygan. 3,500′ feet of Lake Huron frontage. 1,000′ of Duncan Ave frontage.

Fergus 16 acres, 2000
Tuscarora Township. Purchased by his family in memory of Robert Fergus.

Adolph and Margaret Gauthier 38 acres, 2005
City of Cheboygan. Located one mile northwest of downtown Cheboygan. Bargain sale by Dawn Hambly. Very close to Lake Huron and city soccer fields and natural area.

G.C. 20 acres, 2013
Aloha Township. Two miles east of Mullet Lake. Donated by the Crittenden Family in honor of “Grandma Crittenden.”

Giauque 1 acre, 1991
Mullett Township. Donated by Mary Catherine Bingham. Located just south of Topinabee, not far from Mullett Lake.

Eva and Vern Hanel, Jr. 20.3 acres, 2009
Nunda Township. Significant bargain sale. Located adjacent to Wolverine Schools providing for education opportunities.

Jack & Tucker Harris Working Forest Reserve  640 acres, 2016
Ellis and Walker Townships. 6,800 feet frontage on Wilkes Creek and 1,500 feet frontage on Pigeon River. Located adjacent to Helmer’s Dam/Robert D. VanCampen Nature Preserve.

Judson Pike Marsh 56 acres, 1986
Munro Township. Gift from Darrell Judson in memory of his grandparents, John and Georgianna Judson who homesteaded the land. 300 feet frontage on Douglas Lake.

Charles and Alice LaHaie  42 acres, 2017
Benton Township. Includes 550 feet of frontage on Duncan Bay, Lake Huron.

Michigan Wildlife Foundation 40 acres, 2011
Ellis Township. Donated by the Michigan Wildlife Foundation. 1,320 feet on I-75. Includes gazebo and memorial plaques.

Needle Point 40.5 acres, 1990+
Aloha Township. The initial 20 acres were donated by Dr. and Mrs. Robert Ziegler. 1,000 feet of frontage on Mullett Lake.

Niiwin Ziingaak  50 acres, 2014
Burt Lake Township. Donated from Ed Brill. Located two miles from Chaboiganing Preserve.

Wendy O’Neil Memorial Nature Preserve Management Unit 204 acres, 1999-2008
Inverness Township. Purchased in memory of Wendy O’Neil, a passionate northern Michigan conservationist. Includes 2,600 feet of frontage on Mud Lake Bog.

Aaron J. and Adrienne N. Pieniozek  2 acres, 2012
Burt Township. Across from Chaboiganing/Colonial Point Nature Preserve. Named in honor of donors’ children.

Pigeon River Wildlife 40 acres, 1982
Walker Township. Donated by George and Joann Jury. Frontage on both the Pigeon River and Little Pigeon River.

Reed’s Alverno 160 acres, 2008
Benton Township. Originally donated by Lois Ann Reed to Chippewa Nature Center who donated it to LTC.

Roberts Family 34 acres, 2018
Munro Township. Originally donated as a conservation easement, and now as a nature preserve from Irene Roberts. 224 feet of frontage on Douglas Lake.

Harry C. Smith 72 acres, 2007
Hebron Township. Located next to Stony Point Preserve on Paradise Lake (Carp Lake). Bargain sale from Smith family.

Sturgeon Bay 40 acres, 1995
Burt Township. Largely funded by Burt Lake residents to protect the water quality of Burt Lake. Two-track roads provide hiking.

 Vivian VanCampen Nature Preserve Management Unit  30 acres, 2008
Ellis Township. 1,150 feet Pigeon River. One mile downstream from Helmer’s Dam Preserve. Primary donor was J.A. Woollam Foundation.

Cain’s Creek Swamp Preserve
Duncan Bay Nature Preserve (Todd Parker)
Gauthier Nature Preserve