Clyde and Martha Williams Nature Preserve

Size: 80 acres

Frontage: Lies along Maxton Road.

Land Description: The Williams Preserve is mostly forested with either upland mixed hardwood/conifer stands (including white pine and hemlock components); northern hardwood stands dominated by beech and maple (with minor component of ash, ironwood, basswood, and balsam fir); and lowland areas dominated by cedar, balsam fir, and paper birch. Fallow agricultural fields now vegetated with bracken fern, blackberry, and various tree seedlings and saplings are present in small areas. Soils in some areas are flat and sandy, and very rocky in others, with some large boulders. Fissured bedrock is visible at the surface in some spots. Ancient post-glacial lake shorelines are evident on the Preserve. An old stone wall built by early Island settlers is located in the east part of the preserve.

Trails: An easy 1.3 mile trail.

History: The Williams Preserve was purchased at bargain price and named after the sellers’ parents.

Directions: From Detour, take the ferry to Drummond Island. Drive onto M-134/East Channel road for 7.9 miles. Turn left at South Townline Rd. Travel 1.5 miles to Drummond Rd./East Maxton Rd. Turn right and go ½ mile to the preserve on the left.

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