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Land Protection on Burt Lake 2017-05-24T13:16:49+00:00

Seven Springs Nature Preserve is COMPLETE!

We made a donation because we love Burt Lake. But really, it’s a gift to our children, our grandchildren and all future generations who gather around Burt’s shores.
Anne T. and Mark C. Melvin, siblings, and Anne H. Melvin, their late mother

Looking at a map of the Seven Springs Nature Preserve, it seemed incomplete. The northwest corner cuts into what seems to be the natural boundary of the preserve. The last puzzle piece will be added to complete the Seven Springs Nature Preserve, protecting 65.25 acres and 2,800 ft. of shoreline in total on July 1st.

By purchasing the land by July 1, 2017, a home will never be built and the shoreline will remain preserved in its entirety.

The Burt Lake Preservation Association has partnered with the Little Traverse Conservancy to help support the protection of this beloved preserve. With the help of nearly 60 families, the land will be protected! Thank you to all those who have made a commitment to preservation on Burt Lake.

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