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Addition to Seven Springs Nature Preserve


We made a donation because we love Burt Lake. But really, it’s a gift to our children, our grandchildren and all future generations who gather around Burt’s shores.
Anne T. and Mark C. Melvin, siblings, and Anne H. Melvin, their late mother

Looking at a map of the Seven Springs Nature Preserve, it seems incomplete. The northwest corner cuts into what seems to be the natural boundary of the preserve. Shown in yellow on the map, this parcel has been privately owned and is now available for purchase by the Little Traverse Conservancy. The last puzzle piece could be added to complete the Seven Springs Nature Preserve, protecting 65.25 acres and 2,800 ft. of shoreline in total.

The 3.25 acres is currently undeveloped, but allows for a single home. By purchasing the land by July 1, 2017, a home will never be built and the shoreline will remain preserved in its entirety.

Burt Lake champions have already kickstarted the campaign to complete this preserve by pledging $115,000 towards the $200,000 purchase price. The Burt Lake Preservation Association has partnered with the Little Traverse Conservancy to help support the protection of this beloved preserve. We hope you will join us. For more information, please contact Ty Ratliff at 231.347.0991.

Duncan Bay Land Conservation


A cooperative effort between the Little Traverse Conservancy and Huron Pines is seeking to protect and restore 317 acres of great lakes coastland and 2,750 feet of frontage, mostly within the Cheboygan city limits.

LTC has hoped for more conservation opportunities in this area, and the partnership offered a unique opportunity. When land is purchased through LTC, it is protected and open to the public for hiking, birding, and dog walking forever. It will not be developed or sold…ever. The lands will be restored to their natural state by Huron Pines with funding from the Sustain Our Great Lakes program. Restoration will include the removal of exotic species, allowing for them to be replaced by a healthier habitat for plants, birds, fish and mammals.

The City of Cheboygan was built on – and on the edges of – Great Lakes wetlands. Protecting these wetlands will ensure a buffer of ecological and infrastructure protection. Wetlands are like sponges. When water levels are high, wetlands absorb excess water so that houses, basements, and soccer fields (less absorptive surfaces) are protected from flooding. In times of drought, wetlands slowly release the stored water to hydrate surrounding soils and protect them from drying out. With changing water levels and climate change, the protection of wetlands is more important now than ever.

You can help! Th e Little Traverse Conservancy is just $20,000 shy of the purchase price, and an anonymous Duncan Bay champion has stepped up to match every dollar that is given to that goal. Your donation of any amount will be doubled to help make this protection possible! You will know that you helped protect part of Lake Huron’s shoreline for future generations. For more information, please call Ty Ratliff at 231.347.0991.

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