Andreae Bridge

In 1983, Agnes S. Andreae donated 27 acres of land along the banks of the Pigeon River to the Little Traverse Conservancy. The land donation included a small cabin and a footbridge that spanned the river from bluff to bluff.

For the past 34 years the Andreae Cabin, affectionately named Pigeon Cote, has hosted thousands of visitors including boy scouts, girl scouts, church groups, school groups, preserve users, conservation groups, and 4-H clubs. All who have stayed in the cabin have gone to sleep to the sound of the rushing river, and all who have visited the preserve have stood on the footbridge and enjoyed the peaceful wilderness experience that it offers.

The footbridge is one of only a handful of bridges that crosses the 42-mile-long Pigeon River.  Cabin and preserve users have walked over this bridge on snowshoes in February, with a fly rod in April, and with sandals and bug spray in July. Time and long Michigan winters have taken their toll on the footbridge, and a major construction effort is underway this summer to restore the bridge.


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