Marquette Island Nature Preserves

Sizes: (in acres)
Aldo Leopold Preserve -1,683
Sheppard-Hardy – 21.4
Seiberling Stewart – 192

Frontages: Nearly 5 miles of Lake Huron frontage combined.

Land Description: In 1993, the northern shore of Lake Huron was designated a “Last Great Place” by The Nature Conservancy, a global leader in natural lands conservation. The Les Cheneaux region is at the very heart of this “natural wonder of the world.”

Trails: Accessible only by boat (or over the ice in winter) with the easiest access to the Aldo Leopold Preserve through Leopold Landing at Duck Bay. Through the preserves, you can explore the shore, bushwhack through dense conifer forests, or, travel along footpaths or two-track roads.

History: None of the Marquette Island preserves would have been made possible without the generosity, perseverance, and love of the islands shown by many including the J.A. Woollam Foundation, the Les Cheneaux Foundation, Les Cheneaux Club, and many others. Significant funding for the Seiberling Stewart Preserve was provided through the North American Wetland Conservation Act Program.

Directions: From the Mackinac Bridge, follow I-75 north about 14 miles to M-134. Take M-134 east 13 miles to Hessel. You can reach the islands from launches in Hessel or further east in Cedarville. Only accessible by boat.

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