is made possible by Conservancy members.

Will you join us?

While becoming a member of the Little Traverse Conservancy is not required to hunt on Conservancy lands, as a hunter, you may find it hard not to join. Why?

  • LTC opens over 70 properties to hunters
  • Nearly 60,000 acres of northern Michigan land have been protected by the Conservancy
  • All land is not open for hunting, but all protected areas provide habitat for animals and help to keep populations healthy
  • Starting in 2018, LTC became an active partner in the Independence Hunt, making hunting possible for our wounded warriors
  • Membership starts at $1. Your donation can help make all of this possible.

Hunting Rules

Permission to hunt a Little Traverse Conservancy parcel is obtained by completing the permission form.

Once this form is submitted an automated permission form will be created and sent to your email address. Please check your email and spam folder for the permission form. You must carry a copy of the signed form with you while hunting.

Please observe these rules while hunting on a nature preserve. Some properties below are designated Working Forest Reserves, which are often enrolled in Michigan’s Commercial Forest Program (CFA Program). For these you are not required to get permission to hunt, but we ask that you complete the permission form as a courtesy for LTC records.

The following rules apply to all lands owned by the Little Traverse Conservancy where hunting is allowed:

  1. Hunters must comply with all applicable federal, state, and local hunting laws.
  2. Hunters must comply with general LTC rules. Camping, dumping, fires, and trimming or removal of vegetation is not allowed. Motorized vehicles, including snowmobiles and ORVs, are not permitted. Please park and walk in.
  3. No baiting.
  4. Please remain a safe distance from residential areas that are adjacent to LTC lands.
  5. On lands that have active crop fields please do not hunt in the fields themselves. However, retrieval of your game from the fields is permitted.
  6. No permanent blinds.
  7. Temporary ground blinds and tree stands are permitted under the following conditions:
    1. No nails, screws, pegs, or any other device that penetrates the bark of a tree can be used for the construction of blinds or for access to tree stands.
    2. Hunters may construct temporary ground blinds only from dead natural materials provided the use of such materials does not impact the conservation values of the preserve and that the blind will be dismantled at the end of the season. No plywood, lumber, tarps, or other such materials may be used.
    3. Any tree stand used on Conservancy land must be portable and have the owner’s name and address on it.
    4. Blinds, both ground and tree stand, may be in place no sooner than one week prior to the beginning of the season for which they will be used and must be removed at the end of the season.
  8. State law requires that all dogs must be on a leash while visiting preserves.
  9. No trapping unless property is enrolled in the commercial forest program (CFA Program).

Please help us keep our lands in good condition. Contact the Conservancy office at 231.347.0991 if you notice any inappropriate activity on a property or if trails, parking areas, or signs need attention. Trails require a good deal of management and maintenance. We appreciate the assistance of the many individuals who help monitor and provide stewardship for our properties and trails. Please contact our office if you are interested in participating in the Conservancy’s volunteer program.

Where to hunt by county

Aish ke bug, Andrew & Mary Nature Preserve
48 acres, Charlevoix Twp, Sec. 24

Charlevoix 1 Working Forest Reserve
40 acres, Hayes Twp, Sec. 23
CFA Program

Charlevoix 2 Working Forest Reserve
88 acres, Wilson Twp, Sec. 15
CFA Program

Charlevoix 3 Working Forest Reserve
88 acres, Hudson Twp, Sec. 14
CFA Program

Conn’s Cove Addition
144 acres,  Peaine Twp, Sec. 11
No restrictions

Darnton Family Nature Preserve
205 acres, Wilson Twp, Sections 8 & 9
No restrictions

Peter P. Faskey Nature Preserve
28 acres; Boyne Valley Twp, Section 28
bow, shotgun, and muzzle loader only

Franklin J. Helle Memorial Nature Preserve
11 acres, Melrose Twp, Section 4

Elizabeth B. Hoffmann Nature Preserve
138 acres, Norwood Twp, Section 18
No restrictions

Horton Creek 20 acres, Hayes Twp, Section 24
bow only

Horton Creek Wetlands Nature Preserve
34 acres, Hayes Twp, Section 24
No restrictions

John and Barbara Hazelworth
No restrictions

Light, George & Marion
22 acres, Norwood Twp, Section 35
No restrictions

Litzenburger, Gow  West
20 acres, Springvale Twp, Section 06
No restrictions

Marchio, Joseph & Ingeborg Nature Preserve
40 acres; South Arm Twp, Section 17
No restrictions

Martin, Sarah A
106 acres, Peaine Twp, Section 17
No restrictions

Marvin Memorial Nature Preserve
132 acres, Wilson Twp, Sections 34 & 35
No restrictions

Nathan Beem Memorial
104 Acres,  South Arm Twp, Section 30
No restrictions

Nick Adams Nature Preserve
40 acres, Bay Twp, Section 31
No restrictions

North Branch Boyne River & Big Cedar Nature Preserves
60 acres, Boyne Valley Twp, Section 13
No restrictions

Rufus Teesdale Nature Preserve
10 acres, Bay Twp, Section 6
bow only

Schulz Working Forest Reserve
40 acres, Hayes Twp, Section 25
CFA Program

Sleepy Hollow Nature Preserve
55 acres, Eveline Twp, Section 28
No restrictions

Susan Creek Nature Preserve
172 acres, Hayes Twp, Sections 8,9, and 17
Part of section 9 is closed to hunting East of Susan Creek stream please see interactive map.
No restrictions

Taylor Horton Creek
147 acres, Hayes Twp. Sections 25 & 36″
No restrictions

Three Bears Mountain
160 acres, Boyne Valley Twp, Section 12
No restrictions

Banwell Nature Preserve
379 acres, Koehler Twp, Sections 26 & 35
No restrictions

Barbara C Hoffius
No restrictions

Cain’s Creek Swamp Nature Preserve
25 acres, Grant Twp, Section 16
No restrictions

Helmer’s Dam – Robert D. VanCampen Nature Preserve
200 acres, Ellis Twp, Section 12
No restrictions

John C. and Ruth A. Harris Working Forest Reserve
645 acres, Ellis Twp. Sec. 1, 12, and 13 – Walker Twp. Sec. 7
CFA Program

Judson Pike Marsh Nature Preserve
56 acres, Munro Twp, Section 17
No restrictions

Niiwin Ziingaak Nature Preserve
50 acres, Burt Lake Twp, Section 18
No restrictions

Reed’s Alverno Nature Preserve
160 acres, Benton Twp SW, Sections 24 & 25 Smith (next to Stony Point) 72 acres, Hebron Twp, Section 19
bow only

Roberts Family
32 Acres, Munro Township, Section 17
No restrictions

Wendy O’Neil Nature Preserve
204 acres, Inverness Twp, Section 7
No restrictions/Part of preserve in CFA Program

Bryan Wildlife Nature Preserve and Additions
172 acres, McKinley Twp, Sections 13 & 24

C. Beach Day & Family
No restrictions

Consuelo Diane & Charles L. Wilson Jr. Working Forest Reserve
251 acres, West Traverse Twp, Sections 2 & 3
No restrictions

Drayton 40 acres, Littlefield Twp, Section 2
No restrictions

Emmet 1 Working Forest Reserve
40 acres, Cross Village Twp, Sec. 1
CFA Program

Emmet 2 Working Forest Reserve
40 acres, Readmond Twp, Sec. 13
CFA Program

Emmet 3 Working Forest Reserve
40 acres, Readmond Twp, Sec. 30
CFA Program

Emmet 4 Working Forest Reserve
40 acres, Readmond Twp, Sec. 29
CFA Program

Emmet 6 Working Forest Reserve
40 acres, Friendship Twp,  Sec. 16
CFA Program

Emmet 7 Working Forest Reserve
40 acres, Pleasant View Twp, Sec. 17
CFA Program

Emmet 8 Working Forest Reserve
40 acres, Friendship Twp, Sec. 27
CFA Program

Five Mile Creek Swamp Nature Preserve, Horner, Henry C. & Anna T. Yeiser Memorial
90 acres, West Traverse Twp, Sec. 32 & 33
bow, shotgun, & muzzleloader only

Fochtman Nature Preserve
243 acres, Bear Creek Twp, Sec 23, 24 & 26
bow, shotgun, & muzzleloader only

Hoogland Family Nature Preserve
100 acres, Friendship Twp, Section 30
No restrictions

Goodhart Farms Nature Preserve
667 acres, Readmond Twp, Sections 31, 32, 36
No restrictions

Inland Waterway Nature Preserve
23 acres; Littlefield Twp, Section 15
waterfowl only

Johnston, Elmer  Nature Preserve
220 acres, Readmond Twp, Section 30

Kinglet 46 acres, Resort Twp, Section 7
No restrictions

Kuebler-Trippe & Huffy Nature Preserves
74 acres, Little Traverse Twp, Section 22
Bow only

Litzenburger, Gow  East
80 acres, Springvale Twp, Section 32
No restrictions

Morris-de la Vergne & Luettjohann-Garver
Bow only

Offield Family Working Forest Reserve
389 acres, Little Traverse Twp, Section 9
CFA Program

Philip J. Braun South Nature Preserve
32 acres, Maple River Twp., Section 10
No restrictions

Ponshewaing Nature Preserve
5 acres, Littlefield Twp, Section 16
waterfowl only

Reycraft-Meijer North Nature Preserve
13 acres Resort Twp, Section 6
No restrictions

Reycraft-Meijer South Nature Preserve
41 acres Resort Twp, Section 1 & 6
No restrictions

Rocky Point Nature Preserve
22 acres, Springvale Twp, Section 28
waterfowl only

Thomas C. Bailey Working Forest Reserve
40 acres, Readmond Twp, Sec. 27
CFA Program

Joseph J. Schott Nature Preserve
51.5 acres, Little Traverse Twp, Section 23
Bow Only

Sims-Moffatt Nature Preserve
70 acres, Center Twp, Section 11
CFA Program

Stony Point Nature Preserve (next to Smith Nature Preserve)
50 acres, Carp Lake Twp, Section 13
bow & waterfowl only

Stutsmanville Bog Nature Preserve
65 acres,Friendship Twp, Section 23
No restrictions

Tanton Family Working Forest Reserve
236 acres,Springvale Twp
CFA Program

Veling Nature Preserve
66 acres, Carp Lake Twp, Section 24
bow only

Watson Nature Preserve
52 acres, Little Traverse Twp, Section 22
Bow Only

Wortley Family Nature Preserve
80 acres, Readmond Twp, Section 14
No restrictions

Aldo Leopold Nature Preserve
1,243 acres, SW part of Clark Twp, Sections 2, 3, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, & 15
No restrictions

Birge Nature Preserve and additions
439 acres, NW part of Clark Twp, Sections 30 & 31
No restrictions

Jack Mertaugh Nature Preserve
No restrictions

Jahn, Martin and Reinhardt Family

Nye Nature Preserve

Search Bay Nature Preserve
25 acres, S part of Marquette Twp, Section 36
No restrictions

Seiberling-Stewart Nature Preserve
190 acres, SW part of Clark Twp, Sections 10 & 15
No restrictions

Sheppard-Hardy Nature Preserve
21 acres, NW part of Clark Twp, Section 34
No restrictions

St. Helena Island Nature Preserve
266 acres, Moran Twp, Sections 13 & 14
bow, shotgun, & muzzleloader only, hunters must stay at least 1000 ft. from lighthouse

Vosper Nature Preserve
112 acres, East part of Bois Blanc Island, Section 2
No restrictions

Bailey-Lagerstrom Nature Preserve
422 acres, Sugar Island Twp, Section 33 & 34
No restrictions

Bill Marks Working Forest Reserve
50 acres, Sugar Island Twp,  Sec. 32
CFA Program

Chippewa 1 Working Forest Reserve
256 acres, Sugar Island Twp, Sec. 1, 6, and 7
CFA Program

Chippewa 2 Working Forest Reserve
198 acres, Sugar Island Twp, Sec. 4, 33, and 34
CFA Program

Chippewa 3 Working Forest Reserve
89 acres, Sugar Island Twp, Sec. 34 and 35
CFA Program

Chippewa 4 Working Forest Reserve
80 acres, Sugar Island Twp,  Sec. 30 and 31
CFA Program

Chippewa 5 Working Forest Reserve
80 acres, Sugar Island Twp,  Sec. 32
CFA Program

Chippewa 6 Working Forest Reserve
40 acres, Bruce Twp,  Sec. 18
CFA Program

Fabiano Family Working Forest Reserve

Foster-Hartley Lake Nature Preserve
120 acres; Detour Twp, Section 33

John J. Helstrom at Shelldrake River
No restrictions

Anna Badgley-Little Trout Lake Nature Preserve 25 acres, Trout Lake Twp, Section 23
waterfowl only

James Donaldson Moore Nature Preserve
40 acres, City of Sault Ste. Marie, Section 16
bow only

Pickering Hay Point Nature Preserve
85 acres, Sugar Island Twp, Sections 14 & 15
No restrictions

Round Island Point Nature Preserve
1,144 acres, Bay Mills Twp, Sections 25, 35 & 36 & Soo Twp, Sections 30, 31 & 32
No restrictions

Clyde & Martha Williams Nature Preserve
80 acres, Drummond Twp, T42N, R6E, Section 19
bow only

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