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The Education department received an infusion of enthusiasm and passion for this work when Sarah came on board in February, 2011. The granddaughter of Dana Houseworth, a well-known Michigan state park manager whose duties included Petoskey State Park, Sarah has conservation in her blood. In 2006, she received a B.S. degree in Outdoor Recreation Leadership & Management from Northern Michigan University. Since then, her experiences have taken her to places such as Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest where she has taught in a variety of education and outdoor leadership settings. “As an environmental educator I am able to expand on a traditional classroom lesson into one that will reach multiple learning styles while providing a REAL life, hands-on experience. They can see it, feel it, smell it and understand it. They are “experiencing” nature. This experience gives them a sense of adventure, confidence and accomplishment. It’s a really rewarding feeling for me to be a part of that experience.”