Protecting the natural and scenic character of northern Michigan.
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Who We Are

Board of Trustees

Gregg Garver, Chair
Marta Olson, Vice Chair
Ian R.N. Bund, Treasurer
Maureen Nicholson, Secretary
Steve Arbaugh
Molly Ames Baker
Jim Baumann
Michael Cameron
Michael Dow
Mary Driggs
Frank Ettawageshik
Mary Faculak
Jeffrey S. Ford
James C. Gillingham
John Griffin
Eric Hemenway
Dan Jarzabkowski
Thomas Jeffs
Paul C. Keiswetter

Joseph W. Kimmell
Dave Kring
Dale Lewis
Nancy Lindsay
Dianne Litzenburger
Lisa Loyd
Neil Marzella
Harriet McGraw
David G. Mengebier
Kerri Mertaugh
Ashley Moerke
Dave Patterson
R. Hamilton Schirmer
Karie Slavik
Marsha R. Tompkins
Patricia G. Warner
Joan Seaton Winston, Trustee Emeritus

Standing Committee Board Chairs
Land Protection: Mary Faculak
Stewardship: John Griffin
Education: Dale Lewis
Finance: Carol Jackson
Nominating: Gregg Garver
Investment: Ian Bund

Ad Hoc Committees and chairs
Policy and Bylaws: Harriet McGraw
Oil and Gas Issues: Michael FitzSimons


Tom Bailey
Executive Director
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Tom Lagerstrom
Associate Director
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Sarah Gurney
Administrative Coordinator
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Ty Ratliff
Director of Donor Relations
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Kieran Fleming
Chief Operating Officer
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Anne Fleming
Director of Communications and Membership
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Cacia Lesh
Volunteer Coordinator
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Caitlin Donnelly
Land and Stewardship Specialist
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Charles Dawley
Stewardship/GIS Specialist
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Mike Lynch
Preserve Stewardship Specialist
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Derek Shiels
Director of Stewardship
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Melissa Hansen
Education Coordinator
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Sarah Mayhew
Education Coordinator
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Emily Hughes
Membership Coordinator
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