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Conservation Easement Landowners

for landowners with easement protected land

Caring for your Protected Land

You have joined hundreds of landowners throughout Michigan who have protected or live on conservation easement land. Conservation easements are held on over 138,000 acres in Michigan and contribute to the health and beauty of our environment and communities by protecting shorelines, wetlands, forests, meadows, wildlife habitat, scenic views, watersheds and more. Sound stewardship, involving annual monitoring, consistent documentation, thoughtful interpretation, and good communication, is the key to conservation easement maintenance and we appreciate your cooperation.

Please contact the Conservancy with any questions regarding your conservation easement.

The Stewardship Guide for Conservation Easement Landowners is a booklet describing the Conservancy’s stewardship program in more detail, providing information about monitoring, exercising reserved rights, property taxes, and more. Access the booklet with the link below. 

For landowners interested in managing or restoring their land, within the permitted rights for their particular easement, there are many land management resources available, which you can access at the link below: Topics include forestry, agriculture, invasive species management, native plants, etc. 

Let's Stay updated!

Please contact us if: 

  • There is a change of ownership of your conservation easement property
  • You plan on exercising reserved rights requiring pre-approval or notification
  • Your contact information changes
  • You have any questions.

For an opportunity to update LTC on your contact information and also plans or activities on your property related to your conservation easement, you can access a brief questionnaire:

If you would prefer a paper questionnaire, or prefer it to be emailed, please let Melissa know at or 231.344.1004 and one will be sent to you.


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