Charles M. Taylor III / Olstrom Family Nature Preserve

Growing up on a farm just a couple of minutes’ walk from Lake Charlevoix has been a privilege the Olstrom family has enjoyed for four generations. Their story on this land began in 1898 when August and Augusta Leu purchased a farm just inland from the south arm of Lake Charlevoix, a region which was […]

A Winter Visit to the Inland Waterway Nature Preserve

The Inland Waterway Preserve is tucked away off of a dead-end road leading to the locks in Alanson. This preserve can be a little hard to find, so have your map pulled up as you navigate your way in. This is a small preserve with a ton of potential. Nestled in at the north end […]

A Visit to the Round Lake Nature Preserve in Winter

The Round Lake Preserve is a short drive from either Harbor Springs or Petoskey. The preserve shares a parking lot with the Little Traverse Conservancy’s office on Powell Road at the M-119 intersection. The parking area is maintained in the winter and is a safe place where equipment can be strapped to little ones as […]

A Visit to Waldron Fen Nature Preserve

I visited the Fen for my second time in the heart of winter. This visit was dramatically opposed to my first, which was in the summer months three years prior. Waldron Fen is south of Alanson off of Banwell road; this preserve has a plowed parking area located at a reasonable distance from the road. […]