Cube Point

Marquette Island

Thanks to the Les Cheneaux Foundation and generous LTC members, nine spectacular acres of land on Marquette Island and 772 feet of Lake Huron shoreline are officially protected! This is a tremendous addition to the Wilderness Bay Nature Preserve and the 1,900 acres and nearly five miles of shoreline already protected on this beloved island.

This preserve provides critical habitat for migrating birds, bald and golden eagles and osprey, outstanding shoreline habitat for waterfowl, and essential water quality protection for Lake Huron.

The scenic Cube Point shoreline enhances all forms of water recreation, including the potential for a destination along the Les Cheneaux Islands Water Trail. Little Traverse Conservancy has the long-term goal of connecting the Cube Point property with the nearby Sheppard-Hardy Nature Preserve and expanding this land conservation effort eastward towards the Aldo Leopold Nature Preserve.

Emily Hughes
Chief Development Officer

Little Traverse Conservancy in the Les Cheneaux Region

Miles of Water Frontage Protected
Acres Protected


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