Support Northern Michigan’s Independence Hunt

Each October, we want you to be part of something special, something that connects us all to the outdoors, to hunting, and to helping one another. After all, hunters are the original conservationists!

The Independence Hunt is an opportunity for veterans and those with disabilities to participate in a guided hunting experience on private land (including Little Traverse Conservancy properties). Your tax-deductible gift will allow these handi-capable hunters to get outdoors and do something that they dearly love— and have selflessly earned.

To give these hunters an unparalleled experience, we’re asking you to donate. Your support will cover things such as:

  • large tent-blinds that can accommodate a wheelchair;
  • shooting sticks;
  • deer processing fees;
  • meals for these tough-as-nails hunters; and 
  • food plots planted specifically for these hunters.

With your help, these men and women can have access to the outdoors that they love — and need — and will also provide a deer-camp experience where these hunters can relax, socialize, and recharge. Much of this project is coordinated through local sporting/hunt clubs and in partnership with Bravehearts Estates near Pellston.

Hunters are the original conservationists. Let’s get together again and make this happen.  Thank You!

For questions or to volunteer to help guide these hunters, please contact:

Cacia Lesh

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