Wildlife Crossing Hotspot Surveying


Apr 20 2024


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Round Lake Nature Preserve

You are invited to join the Wildlife Crossing Hotspot Survey event!

Michael Kendzierski, a LTC intern and North Central Michigan College student, is doing a class project on wildlife crossing patterns in our area and wants your help to collect data! This is a project working to protect our native wildlife from oncoming traffic, to reconnect fragmented habitats, and to hopefully save your vehicle in the process! Little Traverse Conservancy will be holding a training session and intro to this volunteer activity. As part of this we will conduct a wildlife crossing search starting from the LTC office and walking along pre-selected roads in groups. We will safely search for evidence of wildlife crossings and add it to our iNaturalist database: Wildlife Crossing on Northern Michigan Roads, and be able to find high traffic areas for potential wildlife bridges.


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