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The following are Conservancy nature preserves or working forest reserves in Chippewa County that do not include formal parking areas or trails. As Little Traverse Conservancy preserves, they remain open to the public for appropriate and respectful use, keeping in mind the land’s ecological protection. Working forest reserves are open to hunting and other activities as allowed through the Commercial Forestry Act Program.

5 acres, 2016

Trout Lake Township. Approximately 500 feet on Carp/Big Trout Lake. Proximity to Muir Woods and Badgley preserves.

26 acres, 1991-2011

Trout Lake Township. Anna Badgley donated the original half-acre Badgley Preserve. An additional 25 acres and 4,000 feet of shoreline were acquired through a bargain sale in 2011. Located just south-west of the village of Trout Lake.

15.6 acres, 2014

Whitefish Township. Donated from Dr. John and Barbara Hysell. 573 feet of frontage on Lake Superior, adjacent to state land.

256 acres, 2015

Memory Lane, Sugar Island.

238 acres, 2015-2023

Seppi Road West, Sugar Island. In 2023, the Morley Addition was added, increasing the reserve size by 40 acres. 

110 acres, 2015

Eastshore Drive, Sugar Island.

80 acres, 2015

Five Mile Road West, Sugar Island.

130 acres, 2015

Dedicated in the name of Bill Marks, noted conservationist. Located along Five Mile Road West, Sugar Island. Two separate parcels, with one providing access to the other.

40 acres, 2015

Bruce Township, Sugar Island.

15 acres, 2019

Drummond Township. 1,300 feet of frontage on Lake Huron. Dominated by white cedar and balsam fir. A gift from Robert Ruth.

18 acres, 1993

Drummond Township. Donors were Don and Margaret Fedrigon, Melbourne and Donna Amo, A. Nelson and Elanor Dingle, Jacob and Jeanne Dunlap, Erich Graff, George and Marlene Green, Robert and Anne Hofmann, and Donald and Jean Thiel.

46 acres, 2009

Drummond Township. Donated from siblings Richard Kreipe, Mary Sue Jack & William Jack, Jr. Located on Drummond Island.

less than an acre, 2015

Detour Township. Includes 200 feet long M-134, approximately 3.5 miles west of De Tour. Property is a coastal fen that is in an abandoned coastal embayment of Lake Huron.

1,461 acres, 2017

Raber Township. Located near Raber Bay, just south of Munuscong Lake.

60 acres, 2018

Drummond Island Township. A gift from the Carl Forslund family, in honor of Carl Forslund, Jr and his late wife, Anne. Includes 1,800 feet of shoreline along the St. Mary’s Channel. ADDRESS: 33700 S. Dix Point Road, Drummond Island

220 acres, 2005

The city of Sault Ste. Marie. A grant from the North American Wetland Conservation Act Program allowed the Conservancy to purchase this property. The preserve is located within city limits, and plans are to make it a destination for education groups. (Adjacent to Moore Preserve).

6 acres, 2010

Bay Mills Township. 2,600 feet on Lake Superior near Bay Mills. Active Great Blue Heron rookery. Donated by Sharon Rouse.

40 acres, 2009

The city of Sault Ste. Marie. Gifted by his family. Lies within city limits. Portions of the DNR’s Algonquin trails lie very close to this preserve. (Adjacent to Hobbins-Meyer Preserve).

160 acres, 2012

De Tour Township. Donated by Bradley Foster and Teresa Irish. 2,000 feet of Hartley Lake frontage. An addition of 40 acres was purchased in 2019. ADDRESS: 20893 E. South Caribou Lake Road, De Tour Village

360 acres, 2001

Whitefish Township. Situated a mile inland from Lake Superior, this preserve borders the Michigan Nature Association’s 370-acre Lake Superior Preserve. The northwest portion of Chippewa County is the wildest and most remote land in Little Traverse Conservancy’s service area. It contains some of the most enormous blocks of the unfragmented landscape in the area. Jeannine Palms donated this preserve in memory of her mother.

14 acres, 2017

Whitefish Township. Includes over 1,800 feet of frontage on Shelldrake River as well as 700 feet of Lake Superior shoreline. Funding was provided by the John J. Helstrom Memorial Fund.

38 acres, 2023 

Trout Lake Township. Includes 100 feet on Little Trout Lake. Funding was provided by the John J. Helstrom Memorial Funjd.

25 acres, 1996 – 2023

Sugar Island Township. 350 feet on St. Mary’s River. Donated from the Koren Family through the Michigan chapter of The Nature Conservancy. Includes 700 feet of Lake Huron frontage. An addition of 5 acres was added to the preserve in 2023, adding 350 feet of frontage on the St. Mary’s River. 

582 acres, 2021

Detour Township. Walter Kummer named the preserve in honor of his mother. There are several small lakes within or adjacent to the property including Bear Lake (2,275 feet of frontage) and Brown Lake (710 feet of frontage). Caribou Creek (6,200 feet of frontage) runs through the property. ADDRESS: 18388 E. South Caribou Lake Road, De Tour Village

37 acres, 2020

Dafter Township. Funds for the purchase of this preserve were donated by Don and Karen Stearns. The preserve serves as an outdoor classroom for Lake Superior Academy (LSA) and was named by LSA students. 

5 acres, 2023

Whitefish Township. Bruce and Catherine Smith and Maureen and Jim Scherphorn gifted the property to LTC in honor of Catherine and Maureen’s parents. 

61 acres, 1986

Trout Lake Township. Donated by Emery Muir. Includes a 10-acre lake and lies along one mile of the Carp River.

85 acres, 2003

Sugar Island Township. Donated by Dr. Leonard and Loraine Pickering, this preserve includes nearly a half-mile of Lake George and St. Mary’s River frontage.

20 acres, 2007

Detour Township. Approximately one mile west of Detour. Great Lakes marsh that drains into Lake Huron.

19 acres, 2019

Trout Lake Township. 2,756 feet of frontage along Frenchman Lake. Donated by Mary and Don Trout.

111 acres, 2021

Drummond Township. 110 acres of low, flat, forested terrain with 1-1.5 miles of shoreline on Lake Huron. The forest is primarily cedar, hemlock, spruce, and fir. The shoreline is comprised of baseball to melon sized rocks. A shipwreck can be seen just off Traverse Point in the shallow waters. Funded by the J.A. Woollam Foundation.

2.5 acres, 2010

Raber Township. Donated Island in Raber Township. Great Blue Huron rookery.

93 acres, 2021

Drummond Township. This was a true neighborhood effort land protection project. A group of landowners near the property approached LTC about protection when the property became available for sale. The group pledged $125,000, and funding was complete with a grant from NAWCA.

5 acres, 2023

Northern white cedar swamp with 700 feet of frontage along Whitefish Point Road. Donated in memory of parents.


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