don & eileen klein nature trail

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Half mile

Land Description

This trail runs from East Jordan's Sportsman's Park for a half mile across two LTC nature preserves (Jordan River Sedge Marsh and Dressel) and connects directly to the Rogers Family Homestead Nature Preserve on the southern end.


Don and Eileen Klein and their three children were an outdoorsy, adventure-loving family who traveled north for years. In the last several years of her life, Don would take Eileen on walks at many trails including several Conservancy preserves. Eileen suffered from Alzheimer’s and the doctors repeatedly told Don that his commitment to getting her in nature was far better than any medicine they could give her. Last winter, Don contacted Executive Director Kieran Fleming to let him know that Eileen had passed away in December, and he was now looking for a project to do in her memory. Kieran described several opportunities, and Don’s interest was piqued when he heard about the trail work happening in East Jordan. When he and Kieran met in East Jordan, Don could envision a safe and accessible trail and boardwalk along the river for someone in a wheelchair, someone walking with a cane, or someone pushing a stroller. He could see an overlook off the boardwalk offering views of raptors nesting along the river, or of the mink and muskrats moving through the wetlands.

Trail Description

This trail features .5 mile of ADA-accessible boardwalk trails with two bump-outs. One is an overlook platform and the other is a bench to stop and take in the beauty of the Jordan River.




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