Ponshewaing Preserve Grows

As a result of many generous donors, the Conservancy has completed the purchase of a nine-acre addition to the Ponshewaing Nature Preserve on the north shore of Crooked Lake. Located ½ mile southwest of the Alanson Waterway Locks, the acquisition includes 700 feet of undeveloped Crooked Lake shoreline. The scenic shoreline provides outstanding waterfowl, fisheries, and wetland habitat.

Earlier this fall, a family foundation offered a generous pledge of $15,000 as a 1:1 matching grant toward the final $25,000 needed to meet the $100,000 goal. Additional support was given from the Oleson Foundation, the Pickerel-Crooked Lake Association, the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation and more than $40,000 in donations from Crooked and Pickerel lake residents.

“This was a true partnership project pulling together so many avenues of support to protect a cherished waterway,” said Senior Land Protection Specialist Ty Ratliff.

Loons & protected land: According to LoonCorps Coordinator Jeff Lange, a new loon nesting platform is planned to be situated very close to the Ponshewaing Preserve. This past summer, loons successfully nested on Crooked Lake, raising two chicks east of Rocky Point Cove (see photo above by Gene Klco). “Loon rafts on Pickerel Lake, Round Lake, and all three on Crooked Lake are adjacent to LTC preserve properties. It’s hardly a coincidence that LTC preserves and successful loon nest sites go hand in hand,” Jeff said.

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