Vermilion Endowment Fund

Vermilion Point Nature Preserve

Nearly 100 families stepped up and forward to create the legacy of protecting this special place forever.

What is the Vermilion Endowment Fund?

A $1 million endowment fund established to protect and share Vermilion Point Nature Preserve forever. 

Caring for Vermilion

The fund is used for the care, conservation, maintenance, and upkeep of Vermilion including:

  • Maintaining an accessible parking area
  • Improving and maintaining signs
  • Staffing a local caretaker
  • Maintaining the buildings in a safe and stable condition 

A portion of income earned on the fund each year will be used to forward the overall mission of Little Traverse Conservancy.

Your Generosity, Your Legacy

If you would like to make a potentially tax-deductible donation to Little Traverse Conservancy’s Vermilion Endowment Fund, click the link above or contact:

Emily Hughes
Chief Development Officer


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