Little Traverse Conservancy

Membership ambassadors

The ambassadors listed below actively volunteer in support of membership. LTC relies on members to support the annual pursuit of our mission. Ambassadors write to their neighbors across northern Michigan to join us as members each year.

Roxanne Alfsen and Richard Jenkins
Bill and Maxine Aten
John Baker
Sally Bales
Mark and Caprice Baun
Gretchen Bearce
Barbara Bechhold
Trip and Emily Beynon
Wayne Blomberg
Jacques Bourdeau
Micheal and Joanne Cromley
Al and Jane Damschroder
Mary Faculak
Kieran Fleming
John and Celine Fox
Cathy Freebairn
Doug Fuller

Ric and Lisa Loyd
Liz Polk Lynch
Ray and Rita Gaynor
Jim Gillingham
Rusty and Liz Gowland
Cheryl Graham-Dryer
John and Jeri Griffin
G.P. Johnson Hightower
Richard and Patti Hodge
Pam Houk
Nick and Michaleen Karay
Karen Knapp
Beth Kost
Liza and Jeff Leland
Marty Letts
Nancy Lindsay
Rik Lobenherz

Jeff and Tracy McMath
Anne T. Melvin
Ashley Moerke
Rye Muir
Debbie Nachtrab
Marta Olson
Mark Paddock
Bill and Jane Petzold
Kathy and Doug Potts
Ben Robinson
Jay Rosen
Jim and Kathy Schroeder
Nancy A. Sheppard
Bill Stark
Christine Tucker
Steve and Jean Van Dam
Anne D. Wallace

Joanne and Micheal Cromley

“We have been supporters of LTC since 1993 when we purchased 240 acres with the sole purpose of putting it in a conservation easement. Since then we have watched LTC protect thousands of acres of land in northern Michigan.”

Johnson and Millie Hightower

“Millie and I are avid users of the LTC land preserves and trail systems. We support LTC financially because we want funding always to be available for existing preserve maintenance and future acquisitions.” 

Ben and Joanne Robinson

“I am pleased to serve as an ambassador for the LTC because of the amazing range of preserved lands, well maintained trails, and outstanding programs that all need financial support!”

Bill and Carolyn Stark

“The LTC mission complements our desire to preserve beautiful and environmentally important lands for year round enjoyment of the communities LTC serves.  We want our friends and neighbors to know that LTC is an outstanding organization that works with land owners, the State, and many volunteers for the benefit of our residents and students, and deserves their support.” 

Anne Wallace

“Northern Michigan is my special place. My rock. Our family has come back year after year since 1925. Supporting the LTC is one way I can give back to the community in hopes that my grandchildren (and yours) will be able to revel in the beauty of this area for years to come.”


“We enjoy hiking the beautiful preserves that the Little Traverse Conservancy protects.  But most importantly, we find it so rewarding finding species that are thriving on these preserves.  Northern Blue butterflies flitting along the grass next to the trail, song birds nesting, flowers blooming and American Kestrels young fledgling from their nest box.  Sharing this with others and encouraging them to help protect the species along with the land on which they rely is why we are ambassadors.”


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