Hoogland Family Nature Preserve

Size: 100 acres

Frontage: Nearly 3,000 feet along Scenic Heritage Route M-119, also known as the Tunnel of Trees

Land Description: This preserve is flat on the west side, but rises to rolling ridges to the east. The forest is dominated by large red oak, and includes the classic maple/beech northern upland forest that typifies northwestern Emmet County. In late spring, the woods are dotted with trillium, trout lily, spring beauty, and classic spring ephemerals.

Trails: 1.5 mile loop

History: This preserve was donated from the Hoogland Family Foundation. The Hoogland family wanted to protect some of the land that has been part of their family’s summer vacations for decades. The preserve lies just above the Lake Michigan shore in a region that has experienced rapid growth because of its high desirability for summer homes.

Directions: From Harbor Springs, drive north on M-119 for 7.7 miles. At the base of the big hill you have just descended, you will turn a fairly sharp corner to the right and the parking area will soon appear on the right. Look for a small parking area and logo sign.

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