Land Protection

There are many different ways in which you and the Little Traverse Conservancy can work together to protect your land. Whether you want to maintain ownership, sell, or donate your land for protection, explore all of your options for permanently protecting the scenic and conservation values of your property.

Donating Land
Placing a Conservation Easement on Your Private Land
Partnerships with Local Government
New Estate Tax Options

What about Deed Restrictions?

A land owner who depends upon deed restrictions to protect property will probably be disappointed. The most serious disadvantage to deed restrictions is that no third party can be designated to assume monitoring and enforcement responsibility. The law limits who can enforce the restrictions and for how long. For example, if you insert restrictions in your deed and then sell or give the land away without retaining land nearby, your restrictions may not be enforceable by you or your successors!

Explore your options

If you would like more information about your options as a landowner, or if you would like to arrange for the Little Traverse Conservancy to do a site visit and discuss land protection options, please call the Conservancy office at 231-347-0991 or ltc@landtrust.orgThe Conservancy also has available a booklet Conservation Options: A Landowners Guide which provides straightforward information about the ways you can protect your land and about the tax benefits that can result-whether you want to pass land along to your children or donate it for the use of all.