Land Protection on Burt Lake

Photo by Up North Imaging (

Those who care about Burt Lake have answered the call!

Thank you for supporting a unique opportunity to protect one of the largest remaining private and undeveloped properties along Burt Lake, one of the primary lakes of northern lower Michigan’s Inland Waterway!

The six-acre “Ellinger Road” property is now the Harris-Melvin Family Nature Preserve, containing more than 930’ of pristine and undisturbed western Burt Lake shoreline. The nature preserve will be ideal for a short boardwalk trail and viewing platform along the scenic lakeside.

The property includes a long stretch of Burt Lake shoreline that has very little public access. With today’s robust economy and healthy real estate market, the undeveloped shoreline is highly desirable and under a genuine development threat. Preserving this property also provides lake access to those who cannot afford a lakefront property of their own.

Thank you for helping make it possible!

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